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Offering three stages of renovation packages—rough, finished, and turnkey— T2 allows our clients to choose the level of involvement they want in the renovation process and tailors their project renovations to their specific needs and budget. 

Here's a breakdown of each renovation package:

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Rough Renovation Package:

The rough renovation package is ideal for clients who are looking to make structural changes and essential upgrades to their property. It focuses on the foundational aspects of a renovation and may include:

  • Structural modifications (e.g., removing or adding walls).
  • Electrical and plumbing updates or reconfigurations.
  • Rough framing, including walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Installation or improvement of insulation.
  • Initial HVAC system adjustments.
  • Roof repairs or replacements (if necessary).

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective for clients on a tight budget.
  • Focuses on addressing structural and essential issues.
  • Allows clients to prioritize specific aspects of the renovation.
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Finished Renovation Package:

The finished renovation package takes the rough renovations to the next level by adding the finishing touches that make a space functional and visually appealing. It includes:

  • Installation of drywall and finishing (taping, mudding, sanding).
  • Flooring installation (e.g., hardwood, tile, carpet).
  • Painting and wall treatments.
  • Cabinetry and countertop installation.
  • Plumbing and electrical fixture installation.
  • HVAC system adjustments and improvements.
  • Window and door replacements or upgrades.
  • Exterior improvements (e.g., siding, roofing).

Key Benefits:

  • Offers a balanced approach, combining essential structural work with aesthetic improvements.
  • Provides a more finished appearance and functionality.
  • Allows for customization and style choices.
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Turnkey Renovation Package:

The turnkey renovation package is a comprehensive, all-inclusive solution that offers clients a completely hassle-free renovation experience. It encompasses every aspect of the renovation process from concept to completion, including:

  • Initial design and planning services.
  • Structural modifications and foundational work.
  • Full finishing, including flooring, painting, and fixtures.
  • Custom cabinetry, countertops, and built-ins.
  • Selection and installation of all materials, finishes, and fixtures.
  • Project management, scheduling, and coordination.
  • Comprehensive quality control and inspections.
  • Final cleanup and post-project support.

Key Benefits:

  • Clients can sit back and relax while the renovation company handles every detail.
  • Ensures a cohesive, professionally designed, and executed renovation.
  • Minimizes stress and involvement for the client.

By offering these three distinct renovation packages, T2 Renovations caters to our wide range of clients with varying needs and budgets.


We look forward to collaborating with you and helping bring your vision to life!